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Becky Sherman, The Squire Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire. SY7 0BW

Tel/Fax - 01547 530530 E-mail - becky@squirefarm.co.uk

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Shropshire, South Shropshire, Clun, Ludlow, Knighton, Offas Dyke, Marches, Leominster, Presteigne, Bucknell, Long Mynd, Craven Arms, Bishops Castle, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Brampton Bryan, Leintwardine, Newcastle, Anchor, Kington

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Redlake Valley


The Squire Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0BW

Tel/Fax - 01547 530530 E-mail - becky@squirefarm.co.uk


For Sale

Eggs from our own hens  are for sale at £1.25 per half dozen.

(Subject to availability and when we can find them)


Home Grown Mutton

Follow the link for details or ask me, Becky on

01547 530530 or e-mail

This page is a sort of ‘blog’ I suppose, but I prefer to call it ‘News’ and try to keep it up to date with what is going on on the farm and property.  If you are interested in anything in particular, please ask!

Previous Year’s News


Squire Cottage in the sunshine Looking to Chapel Lawn from Squire Farm

Back in December, I mentioned giving up the sheep see Farm News 2019 and it has now happened.  They all went one day in January (except two badger-faced wethers and Perky) (and the ram for the moment) when I was really not expecting it.  I can no longer say that we farm sheep, which for us is sad, but at least with no ewes to lamb, I can grow some vegetables instead!

We will still be selling frozen mutton - it is delicious by the way!!

The badgers and Perky - a pet Two remaining badger-faced wethers

The wethers immediately got caught up in brambles!

Perky was one of those lambs which missed out on the crucial colostrum from her Mother, but in spite of that insisted on living… she is slightly deformed, but still lives on.  We feel we have to keep her!


Flooding has been a main topic of news recently and we have witnessed some very dramatic local flooding.  Fortunately, here on our little spur, we are well out of the water, but getting in and out can be a little tricky.  Also, fortunately, being quite high, the water leaves us quickly and the ground dries up fast.  

The hens are the worst off as they have a leak above their stable and a puddle in the middle of their floor!

Silted sheep wash

This is a silted up pond in the course of our stream.  First the ash tree came down (News 2019), then it silted up even more!

We have new heating in Xidong.  Since the under-floor heating has been burnt out due to some un-thinking guests turning the heating on full blast, we have invested in some state of the art electric wall heaters which are totally controllable and cost much less to run. The heating is set to ‘comfort’ temperature (21o C) in the morning and evening and to ‘standby’ temperature (16-18o C) at other times of day and night - assuming that not everyone wants to spend their days sitting around watching TV in such beautiful surroundings.  

It should be noted that if guests would like the heating to be set differently, then they only have to ask us to alter it.  Please!

   We were very fortunate that the weather in April, May and June was so benign; Peter’s first priority being the rebuilding of the waterfall in Xidong.  Thanks to a careless visitor or their dog, the fishpond water feature developed a leak.  It had to be rebuilt three times before the leak was conquered.  

It was a hard and demanding job, needing a well earned mug of tea at regular intervals.

The end result has been well worth the effort.

We sampled this little paradise for ourselves, one weekend in May and found out just how delightful it is to stay here!  The atmosphere is so peaceful and light, spacious and interesting.  From the fishpond and waterfall and the back wall, the stones and even the pollarded chestnuts in the garden to the beams and stonework inside, it has all you need to practice your mindfulness and experience inner peace.

Of course, this may have been helped by the beautiful weather we experienced!

Peter's 'Xidong' bench - even more zen-like experience now..

The cottages may have been closed to visitors, but in the interim, we have been busy (Peter has been busy) renovating, rejuvenating, repairing, rebuilding and resuscitating.


The stairs in Squire Cottage have been sanded and sealed.

Some vital pointing has been done around the bottom of the walls - stops the livestock getting in.

Goldie hatched 11 chicks, though not all have survived and many of them are cockerels.

…and Perry, our Badger Faced ram has been sold and has gone to his new home over the hill and far away!

Please Note, Dog Owners:

We are happy to accept dogs with their owners in the cottages, but have experienced certain problems, both in the past and recently.  Every time a dog jumps into our fishpond, some damage is done not to mention scaring the fish, which can be very expensive in time and cost.

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