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Becky Sherman, The Squire Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire. SY7 0BW

Tel/Fax - 01547 530530 E-mail - becky@squirefarm.co.uk

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Redlake Valley


The Squire Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0BW

Tel/Fax - 01547 530530 E-mail - becky@squirefarm.co.uk

In order to ensure your visit to our cottages is as safe as we can make it and to protect our cleaners, subsequent visitors and ourselves from any infection we are taking a few extra precautions.  Firstly there will be a 3-4 day break between visitors.  

There will be minimum quantities of utensils and crockery left in the kitchen, so if you plan to do a lot of cooking it is advisable to bring your own.  

We have also removed all non-essential handleable items like maps, books, games, DVDs, umbrellas and hookahs.  In addition to the usual cleaning procedures, all flat surfaces, handles, light switches and rails will be properly sanitized and the upholstery, cushions and curtains will be steam cleaned.  The mattress and pillow protectors will be changed between visitors and the cleaners will be wearing gloves and face mask while making up the beds with fresh, laundered bed linen and then there will be a last disinfection.

In order to help us we are also asking our guests to follow a few simple procedures/ instructions:

1. Avoid touching our dogs.  One, Skollie, is very friendly and will tempt you severely to have cuddles if he meets you.  PLEASE resist!

2. On leaving the property, please pull the duvet back to expose the sheets, but leave everything in place.  Put all towels and other linen spread out in the bathroom in Squire Cottage or the lean-to/laundry area in Xidong.

3. Also before leaving, please put all your rubbish in the appropriate bins, including the compost.

We will not be going into the cottage after you leave, so please make sure there are no taps left on, food left out, dirty dishes left or wood fires still burning.  

On arrival, the cottages will be open and ready for you and the cleaned keys will be in the cottage. Please do not arrive before 3.00 pm so that we can complete the enhanced cleaning.  

We provide plenty of hand wash/soap but no sanitizing hand rub.  If you feel you need it, please bring your own.

A spray bottle of diluted Milton will be left in the cottage should you feel the need to use it.  However, all the hard surfaces will already have been thoroughly cleaned and some surfaces will not take kindly to being sprayed with bleach/Milton or otherwise, so please use with discretion!

If you would like an Ordnance Survey map of the area or any other area, I have the ability to download and print A3 sheets which can be thrown away or taken with you when you leave, so please ask.  

Finally, if you think we have omitted to think of something, please let us know!

And - thank you in advance for your co-operation; we hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

What we are doing to reduce the chances of passing on the coronavirus infection

Coming to stay in either of our cottages at Squire Farm is a great opportunity for you to get away from where you have been ‘holed up’ during lock-down.  

We have not had any covid-19 infection here and we are suitably isolated to be able to get out and about without encountering another person, so it is time to share this privilege.

So that you, as visitors and we, as owners and cleaners can continue to be healthy and infection-free, we are doing what we can to ensure that the infection will not spread here.  Below are the measures we are putting in place for everyone’s benefit.

In return, we would appreciate the same kind of consideration from you.